Monica Leslie Travis : Make Yourself At Home

Make Yourself at Home is an interactive art installation by Miami based Artist Monica Leslie Travis. Travis uses sculpture as a conceptual mirror to visually represent cultural absurdity. Her work intends to reflect idiosyncrasies that exist in the world surrounding her. Travis is constantly adding new tools to her repertoire. Frequently used materials include wood, plexiglass, vinyl, copper, glass and time-based technology. In a society where racism, sexism, and classicism are socially accepted norms, this series of work is implemented to antagonize thought and provoke conversation. Travis tends to employ scale as a visual strategy to emphasize the enormity of certain social issues and the belittlement of other issues. To broaden the scope of her projects, the artist enlists the help of micro-processing machines and computer numerated control. Technology is an important part of her process and product in the context of representing contemporary society. Travis frequently draws her ideas from social issues such as consumerism, politics, and health.


Monica Leslie Travis was born in Miami, Florida. Monica began to pursue Art at a young age. She graduated from Miami-Dade College with an Associate of Arts degree in 2000. She attended Florida International University and graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major concentration in Sculpture and a minor concentration in Art History. Monica continued her art education at University of Miami when she began studying for her Master of Fine Arts degree with a Major concentration in Sculpture in 2017. monica




banana orange avacado
Banana Orange Avocado


Just Desserts, 2018, Bronze, patina, MDF, amac box, stainless steel, usb oil diffuser, usb inlet, wood, steel


hungry1 hungry2 hungry
hungry hungry5
Hungry Hungry Hippocrite, 2019, PLA, MDF, stainless steel, pine, paint, felt, springs, video, arduino
trump1 trump2 trump4
Trump-a-Lago, 2019, Pla, felt, arduino, copper
gun2 gun3 gun4
Ceci N'est Pas Une Arme, 2018, MDF, steel, wood, ABS, paint, spring steel


Toys Become Tools, 2020
AtoZ, 2020
Make America Great Again, 2019

3D Images

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