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Ceramics + Glass + Sculpture


The 3D area is located at 1535 Levante Avenue. Each graduate student has a private studio. Students are able to utilize these studios as well as a large covered outdoor space.

The 3D area includes clay, glass, traditional and conceptually informed sculpture.  It allows students to work in a variety of processes; from handbuilding and wheel throwing with clay, cast and blown glass, and casting, woodworking and welding in sculpture. Video, performance and installation work is also explored in the sculpture area. The glass facility at UM was established in 1985 as part of the ceramics area and has become a vital part of the 3d area. The Founders Group of "Miami Hot" secured the initial funding to upgrade the facility to accommodate both the visiting artist program and the University credit program

Visiting artists and lecturers over the years in ceramics have included Rebekah Bogard, Lisa Clague, Jean Pierre Laroque, Arthur Gonzalez, Gina Bobrowski, McKenzie Smith, David Regan, Brad Schwieger, Doug Casebeer, Ed Eberley, Jim Leedy, Richard Notkin, Akio Takamori, Judy Moonelis, Paul Dresang, Chris Gustin, Dan Anderson, Les Lawrence, William Daly, Andrea Gill, Mathieus Ostroman, Stephen DeStaebler, Steven Hill, Jonathan Kaplan, Ralph Baccera, Josh Deweese, Russ Gustofson Hilton, John Roloff, Karen Koblitz, Dan Gunderson, and Eva Kwong. Sculpture has recently brought in artists Ron Fondaw, Nole Giulini, Michael O'Malley, Sophia Ainslie, and Ming Fay. Guest artists in glass who have been brought in for lectures and workshops include Robin Grebe, Michael Rogers, Rick Beck, Karen Willenbrink, The de la Torre brothers, Ricky Bernstein, Jose Chardiet, Fritz Dreisbach, Irene Frolic, Richard Jolley, Petr Novotny, Dino Rosin, Tommi Rush, Brent Young, Fritz Dreisbach, Hanne Dreutler, Dante Marioni, Janusz Poszniak, Therman Statom, Arthur Zirnsack, Robert Carlson, Carmen Lozar, Mark Zirpel, Elio Quariso, and Ted Sawyer.

  • Ivan Albreht, M.F.A.; Professor
  • Billie Lynn, M.F.A.; Professor and Area Head
  • Jenna Efrein, M.F.A.; Sr. Lecturer
  • Carlos Prado, M.F.A; Sr. Lecturer
  • Patricia Lorraine Cooke, M.F.A; Lecturer