Electronic Media: Photography

The Prommised Land
Jennifer Abrams (Shayna Batya)
The Prommised Land

Our undergraduate program emphasizes an integration of traditional photography, alternative processes with a strong focus on digital imaging. Stressing technical excellence in the service of strong intellectual,emotional and critical content, our students are given a thorough knowledge of the camera, darkroom, digital technology and studio techniques. They are then encouraged to make images about the things they know, to comment and form value judgments based on both theory and personal experience.

The Master of Fine Arts program encourages individual experimentation in an interdisciplinary curriculum. The student, in conjunction with the faculty advisor, maps a plan of study that accentuates and builds the student's strength while minimizing their weakness. This approach emphasizes working with diverse faculty not just within the art department but in other disciplines at the university. Classes in philosophy, feminist theory, music, film and architecture are avenues of possible exploration in other departments to students that have an interest in integrating those issues into their work. The culmination of the program is a cohesive body of work that is displayed in a solo MFA Exhibition and written thesis that addresses the theory, work and process.

Digital Photo Lab Equipment

Traditional Silver Based Darkroom – 20 Stations and 2 Sink Lines 
Studio Lighting – Elinchroms, Speedotrons and JTLs Strobes
16 Intel Macintosh MacPro workstations
Epson scanners for film and flat work
5 widebed Epson ink jet printers up to 44" wide

  • J. Tomas Lopez, M.F.A.; Professor and Area Head
  • Jeff Larson, M.F.A.; Lecturer