War is Not a Game
Daniele Gabriel
War is Not a Game

The Printmaking Area offers a sequence of courses in Intaglio/Relief, Lithography, and Silkscreen and Computer Assisted Printmaking. At the 200 level each course is a survey of techniques in both black and white and in color; at the 300 level more advanced processes are introduced and at the upper levels students can design their own course of study. A "changing topics" course is available to introduce other subject matter such as monotype and monoprints, and digitally assisted art-making for painters and printmakers.  We emphasize traditional forms of printmaking, either editions or unique prints, and and encourage the use of digital imaging as a tool for making positives for photo processes, and as a foundation layer to reworked with printing, drawing, or painting.

Each term undergraduates, graduates, and faculty engage in a print exchange which usually draws between 25 and 30 participants; works exchanged have included everything from traditional editioned prints to hand-made paper, photographs, digital images, monotype series, and low relief sculpture. Two impressions of each print is donated to the annual print sale; the proceeds have been used in the past for supplies and for student travel to workshops and conferences.

Printmaking students are encouraged to be active with the Southern Graphics Council (whose 2000 conference was held at the University of Miami) and other printmaking organizations.

Equipment includes a 40 x 60 Griffin etching press, a 30 x 50 Brand etching press, a 32 x 50 Griffin litho press, a 24 x 50 electric Dickerson combination press, an 18 x 30 Brand etching press, approximately 30 litho stones for work up to 27 x 38, a NuArc exposure unit for photographic plates up to 30 x 40 inches, two light tables for exposing screens up to 40 x 60 inches, several screen printing stations and approximately 200 silkscreens. There is a ventilated area for acid work, spraypainting, and screen cleaning. Graduate students are housed in private studios adjacent to the communal studio area. The computer lab includes five iMac computers, a flatbed scanner, and Epson inkjet printers for work up to 40 inches wide.

  • Lise Drost, M.F.A.; Area Head, Associate Professor
  • Lani Shapton, M.F.A.; Sr. Lecturer