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Zuyi Jin, Second Year MFA


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Llerena Aguirre, Carlos, Editor. Silva, Silvana. Et al. Hope in the Time of Pandemia. 2021. New York City.
A book of 45 children’s books and graphic novels. 390 pages.


Llerena Aguirre, Carlos, Editor. Freedom in the Time of Pandemia. Pengyu, Qiu. Et al. 2020. New York City.
A book of 21 graphic novels. 192 pages.


Llerena Aguirre, Carlos, Editor. Tekata, Sera. Et al. Changing Culture. 2022, New York City.
A book of 152 protest posters. 172 pages.


Llerena Aguirre, Carlos, Editor. Anthropocene. 2023, New York City.
A book of 42 children’s books and graphic novels. 300 pages.

Graphic Design and Multimedia is part of the Electronic Media area and focuses on educating and encouraging emerging artists, designers, and video artists by providing undergraduate and graduate-level education that develops self-discipline, motivation, expertise, and individuality in its students. Simultaneously, the student's artistic sensibilities and knowledge of the humanities are enriched at the University.

Graphic Design is a leadership profession serving mass media communication and corporations. Multimedia art is a profession that services the internet, the film/video industry, exhibiting galleries and mass media publishing. It encompasses web design, video art and installation for exhibition.

Graduates of the Graphic Design program work as designers and creative directors. Multimedia Artists produce video art for gallery exhibits, design for the web, and produce interactive CD ROMs. In their senior year, students are encouraged to seek internships in the Miami/Broward area.

The graduate program in Illustration and Multimedia was developed and designed to encourage individual growth and excellence. It promotes artistic, cultural, intellectual, and spiritual ideals. Students' personal dreams and goals can be accomplished within the three year program. Students work independently and in the computer labs, take interdisciplinary classes, attend seminars, and are active in research and presentation projects. There are regularly scheduled critiques, involving visiting artists and a review twice a year, where students have a day-long experience displaying and discussing their work one-on-one with the faculty from all other areas.

Visiting lecturers, symposia on current topics, gallery and museum visits and business field trips also contribute to the ongoing critical dialogue. Students receive a solid foundation of studio courses in which art and theoretical knowledge are explored. They are encouraged to think critically, look at contemporary issues, and solve creative projects working individually and in teams on multidisciplinary projects.

Seminar discussions of theoretical contemporary art and design challenge students to develop a critical understanding of their work. The artist/designer becomes a leader who can combine theory and imagination and communicate effectively in a visual language with a business sense.

At the undergraduate and graduate level interdisciplinary studies are encouraged within class projects to advanced independent visual research that analyzes working strategies in seven general areas: applied science, entertainment, design and craft, video art, painting and sculpture, public interaction and cultural theory - this sequence of research examines hybrid forms of development as working methods for artists at the beginning of the 21 century.

Our curriculum is strongly enhanced by 27-inch Apple IMac computer labs, spacious work areas and studio spaces at the graduate level. B.F.A. and M.F.A. students are expected to produce a portfolio for Design and Multimedia and have an exhibition at the end of their course sequence.


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  • Carlos Llerena Aguirre,  M.A.; M.Ed.; M.F.A.; Professor
  • Lenny Salas Moreno, M.F.A.; Sr. Lecturer
  • Michelle Roy, M.F.A.: Lecturer