2022  Get Out To Vote Project


As it is an election year, Art 491 and 591 students have designed a non- partisan poster and related collateral to raise awareness of voting in the upcoming mid-term election on November 8. Voting is a right in the United States, however not all who are eligible will vote. This is particularly true among the demographic that includes college-age students and recent graduates (ages 18-25). To encourage voting in general, the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) established a campaign for democracy to promote voting through design. This campaign emphasizes that good design helps make choices more clear. Students follow this framework to create their own individual designs to express this concept. The students each create the design and illustration for their project. In addition to the primary part of the project, a large poster, the students also adapt their designs to table tent cards and instagram posts.



Adrianasmall afomia alanasmall
Adriana Alvarado Afomia Hunde Alana Bernard
alyssasmall jordansmall julia small
Alyssa Musarra Jordan Berrada Julia Martins
marleysmall morgan small rachel small
Marley Rubin Morgan Rapp Rachel Bergeron