Carlos Prado 


12063 SW 131 AVE MIAMI, FL
Opening Friday, May 13, 2022 |  from 6 PM to 11 PM  |  |  Instagram@carlospradoart


This exhibition presents my most recent series of ceramic works. These sculptures have been made using 3D modeling software and the 3D clay printer, a technology that is still considered new in ceramics. The works can be described as stacks or piles made from repeated copies of classical figurative sculptures, which have been assembled into new designs and compositions. The title, “Tautologies”, refers to the connection between the meaning of the term and the way in which the content of the pieces unfolds. In general, this series can be contemplated and enjoyed as visual divertimenti, as ingenious games of recycling shared iconographic paradigms. However, on the contrary, they can also be understood, as the title Tautologies clearly indicates, as “statements that are in-themselves redundant”, that are "saying the same thing twice". 

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