2022 Incoming Graduate Student Exhibition


The Department of Art and Art History in the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Miami (UM) presents the work of incoming Master of Fine Arts (MFA) graduate students. The MFA program is a 60-credit, three-year program resulting in a terminal degree that both prepares students to enter the professional, studio art world and qualifies them for college teaching. The program is highly competitive, with applicants coming from across the country and around the world. This year’s artists are Natalie Galindo (Painting), Zuiyi Jin (Illustration), Julia Galvao Ramos (Printmaking), Alian Martinez Rives (Photography), Lucas Varnum (Ceramics).



Natalie Galindo

Miami, Florida


Natalie1 natalie2 natalie 3

Natalie Galindo

Jess, 2021

Oil on Canvas

22" x 30"

Natalie Galindo

Aquarius, 2021

Oil on Canvas

48" x 48"

Natalie Galindo

 Waves of Consciousness, 2017

Oil on Canvas

48" x 48"




Zuiyi Jin

Lanzhou, China



lamb1 lamb2 lamb3

Weightless Lamb, 2021

Chinese silk treated yuan. raw yuan /linen Daper ink. vitriol and gum, thickener, ethvl alcohol, fabric dye

293 x 168 cm

lamb4 lamb5 lamb6



confessions confessions confessions3

Silent Confession, 2021


293 x 168 cm

confessions4 confessions5



ratrace1 ratrace2 rat race3

Rat Race, 2021


60 x 450 cm





Julia Galvao Ramos

São Paulo, Brazil



 Multiplicity, 2022





Alian Martinez Rives

Sancti Spíritus, Cuba



alian1 alianvideo alian2

From the series Data Manipulation, Straits of Florida, 2022

36" x 25"

Archival Digital Prints

0:03:00 Min Loop Video Projection

alian3 alian4




Lucas Varnum

Boston. Massachusetts




lucas1 urinal

Toilet, 2022

Wood-fired Porcelain

15" x 12" x 21"

Urinal, 2022

Wood-fired Porcelain

22" x 10" x 20"




Installation Views